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VR-MS - Mental Skills Training with Virtual Reality is an Erasmus+ Sports project that runs from July 2022 to 2019 to June 2024.

VR-MS is a funded project that allows the implementation and testing of cutting-edge methods in the daily training of football players in an effort to maximize their performance by improving their mental skills.

It is a collaboration among Digenis Akritas Morfou, an athletic club based in Cyprus, with Vritual Reality experts from MentisVR, Sport Psychologists from the University of Gabriele d’Annunzio in Chieti-Pescara (Italy), and social researchers from the Center of Social Innovation, Cyprus.


The aim of the VR-MS project is to transform the training regime of Digenis Akritas Morfou, a football club in Cyprus, to include the exercise of mental skills.

The partnership will design and evaluate an innovative Virtual Reality program for the training of mental skills and apply it to the coaches and players of the club, starting with 6-year-old players from the club’s academies and going up to professional players in the club’s elite men’s team.

A set of guidelines for adopting the mental skills training program by other clubs and/or national football associations, will be produced and shared freely with the relevant stakeholders.

Work Packages

The project has five Work Packages (WPs) in total:

  • WP1 Project management and coordination
  • WP2 Facility set up and staff training
  • WP3 Selection of tasks
  • WP4 Data collection and validation
  • WP5 Education and Dissemination

Target groups

The target group of the project is at first the main beneficiary.

DAM is a small football club in Cyprus that aims to transform its training to encompass the use of technology for the improvement of mental skills.

However, the output of the project will become freely available to interested parties beyond the consortium, e.g., other local and international clubs, coaches, club officials, administrators from national football agencies etc.

Specifically, the main target audiences of VR-MS include:

• Football Clubs
• Youth Football Academies
• National, Regional and European Football Associations
• Sport Science programs and academic departments
• Sports Consultants and Professionals
• Cognitive Scientists and Sports Psychologists
• Coaches and Trainers
• Decision-makers on football matters
• Footballers Associations

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